Sylo Synth

As used by Gorillaz & The Flaming Lips

Sylo Synthesiser allows you to play music (or create sound effects) using sounds you can design yourself. Sylo Synth includes a collection of pre-designed sounds which you can use as they are, tweak them to your heart’s desire, or you can make new sounds from scratch.

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Build sounds from basic waveforms, or capture them from the world around you using the iPad’s built-in microphone. Then, tinker with Sylo Synthesiser’s filters and other settings to make a sound all your own.

Sylo Synthesiser

Sylo Synthesiser features live time-stretching technology based on granular synthesis, and a suite of filters:

  • Speed up or slow down a recorded sound to use as an instrument
  • With a regular wavetable synthesiser, higher-pitched notes are also faster, like chipmunks, and lower-pitched notes are also slower, as though they are moving through treacle
  • But enable our “Sync Speed” feature, and lower or higher-pitched notes still play back at the same speed, keeping them in sync with each other
  • Fiddle with the speed control even while you’re playing notes: Slow, stop or even rewind the sound in the middle of notes — without changing the pitch
  • Granular synthesis allows you to create instruments or effects from a recording, that do not sound like the original, yet retain its realistic, natural sound
  • Frequency modulation, ring modulation, echo/delay, distortion, and a low-pass filter with resonance control are available
  • Use existing audio files as the building-blocks of your instrument: import audio from wave, aiff, mp3 and aac/m4a files
  • Save recordings to your iPad or to Dropbox online storage
  • Save your new instruments to the preset list for fast access
  • AudioCopy/AudioPaste support
  • Open recordings in other apps

And: Sylo Synthesiser is free!

You can experiment, play music, and create sounds, with access to all the filters and other synthesis features, free of charge. Sylo Synthesiser also supports Core MIDI.

For more advanced granular synthesis, check out Grain Science, which adds many great features including an arpeggiator/step sequencer, Audiobus support, more than a dozen installable effects, and more. Or, our most recent synth is Mitosynth. It uses additive synthesis and wavetables instead of granular, and is ridiculously powerful.

Sylo Synthesiser contains some icons by Joseph Wain/