Ferrite Recording Studio

Professional audio recording & multi-track editing


Synthesis without the spaghetti

Hokusai 2

Classic wave editing for iOS

Grain Science

Advanced granular synthesis for iOS

Sylo Synth

As used by Gorillaz & The Flaming Lips


Get Your Hexag On!

Wooji Juice creates apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch — mostly synthesisersfootnote 1 and other audio editing tools.

We make useful things and fun things. Often, we hope to combine the two.

Looking for help with a Wooji Juice app? Check out the support pages.

The latest news is on the blog, and also Canis tweets about things from time to time.

We also have a few free items that we give away, mostly of a technical nature.

1. Or synthesizers, if you’re American ;)