Privacy Notice

Wooji Juice believes that privacy is an important right, not to be given away lightly. To this end, we try to gather as little private information as possible about our customers. In fact, if you just install and use our apps, and don’t contact us directly, most likely we have no information on you at all.

We don’t buy, sell, rent or otherwise trade in your private information.

In this Privacy Notice we’ll tell you about when, how and why we do occasionally need to collect some small amounts of information.

Information We Do Collect — Automated

If you visit our website, our web host will log a record of your visit. This is a standard web hosting log file, and will include your IP address, the page(s) you visit, your browser, the referring page, and the date and time. We don’t know anything more about you, and we don’t use any analytics software of the sort that tracks people as they browse around the internet.

Information We Do Collect — Other

If you email us for customer technical support, we will of course receive any information that you choose to send us. That’s just how email works! It’s always up to you what you decide to put into an email.

If you use one of our apps to open a support request, it will create a blank email addressed to us and then, to save you time, fill in a small amount of technical information (e.g. the name of the app, the version number of the app, and similar information unlikely to have much impact on your privacy).

This email is created in the Apple Mail software and will not be sent automatically. It’s a perfectly normal email that you can read, edit, send or cancel as you like. So you are always able to review the contents, and decide what information to add or remove before sending it to us — or decide not to send anything at all if you prefer.

It’s possible that, when attempting to resolve a particularly difficult technical issue, we may ask you to send us a technical log file. This is voluntary, and again, no information is gathered automatically. Technical logging is switched off by default — you can turn it on when necessary, and turn it off again when you’re done.

Even when technical logging is turned on, the log file is stored privately on your device and not accessible by us in any way. You can then choose to email the log to us if you want to. Because it’s attached to a regular email that is not sent automatically, again, you can read the log file for yourself before deciding whether to send it to us or not.

Information We Don’t Collect

Obviously we can’t list everything we don’t collect, but a couple of examples for clarity:

We don’t collect any information on you via our apps. We don’t collect data on your usage of our apps, and we don’t collect or in any way have access to the data or documents you store in or create with our apps.

(We reserve the right in future to collect anonymous, aggregated usage information that does not identify you or include any privacy-sensitive information — e.g. “99% of our customers use this feature, but only 5% use that feature” — to improve our apps. But currently we don’t even do that.)

None of our apps store information “in the cloud” in a way that we have any access to at all.

For your convenience, some of our apps may sync small amounts of data (such as settings or high scores) between your devices using iCloud. This information is stored encrypted and private to you and we have no access to or control over it. You can disable an app’s use of iCloud by going to your device’s Settings.

Some of our apps have features that allow you to save/export documents to cloud services if you wish to, but these services are not provided or endorsed by us, and we have no access to or control over these services, your usage of them, or the data you choose to store there. It’s nothing to do with us — the same way that a pen manufacturer has no knowledge of, control over or access to the things you write with the pen. If you write something private with that pen and then post it to someone, then it’s between you, the postal service and the recipient. Same here.

Since we make apps for Apple devices, many of our customers will use Apple services. The following links may be of use to you — they are provided by Apple, not Wooji Juice, and are posted here purely for your convenience. They don’t form part of our privacy policy:

How We Use Your Information

If a technical problem occurs on our website, we may consult the web hosting logs to help track down the issue. Otherwise, we don’t use the logs, and they are automatically destroyed after 3 days.

If you decide to send information to us as part of a customer support request, we may use this information in order to respond to your request, better understand your needs and improve our apps. We do not automatically destroy emails sent to us, because we can provide better customer support if we understand the context of a support request.

How We Share Your Information

We may share information we have about you if we are legally required to (e.g. in response to subpoena or court order); or to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, abuse, or violations of our policies; or to protect our legal rights or property.

Otherwise, the only time we share your information with others is when it is essential in order to provide the services you request of us. When we say “essential”, this is not one of those slimy loopholes some companies use to try and hand-wave-away selling marketing data as “essential”. We don’t do that. We mean that our web and email hosting services are provided by companies who specialise in providing those services:

  • Our web host is DreamHost LLC
  • Our email host is Google LLC

So, if you visit our website, your web browser will contact one of DreamHost LLCs servers, because that’s how web browsing works. Likewise, if you send email to us, your email will be sent to one of Google LLCs servers, because that’s how email works.

These companies have servers around the world, so information may be processed, stored, and used outside of the country in which you are located, including outside of the European Union.

Contacting Us About Your Personal Information

You are entitled to view and in many cases amend or delete the personal information that we hold about you. To contact us about your personal information, send email or use the Contact Customer Support features inside one of our apps.

Changes To This Policy

This privacy notice may be updated from time to time. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page by updating the page, and noting the changes in this section.

  • 2018-05-24: No change to the privacy policy, but for your convenience we added links to Apple’s privacy information & self-service site.