Hokusai 2

Classic wave editing for iOS

With Hokusai it’s easy to record or import audio, and make it sound awesome: not just trimming the ends, but full cut, copy, paste and delete, and a suite of filters and special effects.

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In & Out

  • Record with built-in mic, line in, USB or Lightningfootnote 1
  • Optional recording monitoring (with headphones connected)
  • Recording input gain controlfootnote 1footnote 3
  • Transfer audio to, and share from your device via USB, iCloud, Dropbox or other services
  • Import tracks from your iPod music libraryfootnote 2
  • Import from Wave .wav, Core Audio .caf, .aiff, MPEG .mp3, .m4a and .aac files
  • Export to uncompressed (.wav) or compressed (.aac/.m4a) files
  • Export multi-track projects as a .zip file archive of individual track audio files (“stems”)footnote 3
  • Exchange audio with other iOS apps via AudioCopy/AudioPastefootnote 3 and “Open In…”
  • Drag and Drop audio in and out between Hokusai and other appsfootnote 4

Mix & Merge

  • Convert between mono & stereo
  • Split & merge stereo tracks to edit left/right channels separately
  • Mix multiple tracks down to one
  • Reorder tracks within a project
  • Select and edit across multiple tracks at oncefootnote 3
  • Set volume and panning for each trackfootnote 3

Filters & FX

Many effects support live preview: instantly hear changes in settings.

Save your favourite settings to reuse laterfootnote 3

Basic filters:

  • Fade in/out
  • Gain, Normalise
  • Reverse
  • Silence
  • Generate white noise
  • Synthesise sine/square/triangle/sawtooth waves

Additional filters and tools:footnote 3

  • Autopan
  • Bit Crusher
  • Chorus
  • Click Track
  • DC Offset
  • Depop/Seam Welder
  • Digital Echo
  • Expand/Shrink Selection
  • Fix Signed/Unsigned
  • Flanger
  • Frequency Boost
  • Frequency Filter
  • Fuzz Box
  • Gain Compressor
  • Gramophone FX
  • Hard Limiter
  • Invert Signal
  • Loop and Soften Loop
  • Mid Channel Isolation/Reduction
  • Mid/Side Decoding
  • Modulation (AM & FM)
  • Monster Voice FX
  • Noise Gate
  • Noise Reduction
  • Peak Limiter
  • Phaser
  • Pitch Bend
  • Pitch Shift (with or without time independence)
  • Resonance
  • Ripple Tracks
  • Reverb
  • Ripple Tracks
  • Stereo Spatialise
  • Synthesise Chaotic Grains
  • Time Stretch (with or without pitch independence)
  • Vocal Levels Smoother

1. Where supported by your device. USB devices require the use of Apple Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

2. Copy-protected tracks cannot be imported. Tracks must be downloaded to your device, not “cloud” tracks.

3. Requires in-app purchase.

4. Drag and Drop requires iOS 11 or later. Apple currently only allows Drag and Drop between apps on iPad.