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Grain Science is our beautiful synthesiser for iOS: Created for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX designers looking to go beyond our Sylo Synthesiser, Grain Science is built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful. With its versatile synthesis engine, you can create everything from crunchy basslines to spooky soundscapes.

Grain Science is sophisticated, yet friendly. Its design — unique, to the best of our knowledge — gives it an astounding amount of depth, while keeping the "top layer" clean and simple. This means you can dive in right away and get great results, then explore the possibilities as you get more comfortable with it.

And as a universal app, you can use Grain Science on iPad, and iPhone or iPod touch, without messing around with separate versions.

Top Billed

Granular Synthesis

With granular synthesis, you can do magical things with sound, tearing it into pieces then putting them back together to make something new. Each of the 16 voices has two grain units, which can be blended to create morphing, layered or complex modulated instruments.

Dial Programming

Almost any dial can be programmed to vary over time in complex ways, combining LFO and time-variation to create custom effects. This is where the power lurks within Grain Science.


Supporting Acts

  • FX & More The flexible FX chain gives you a bunch of slots you can fill with whichever FX units you want, in any order. As well as the FX units, there's also the Supercharger, glide, reverb, and auto-pan, to add that extra little something to your sound.
  • Control Mapper & MIDI Performing live? Concentrate on what's important, with the Control Mapper. Connect just the parameters you need to XY pads, pitch/mod wheels or MIDI controllers (with tap & twist learning).
  • Arpeggiator Unit The arpeggiator unit offers traditional chord mode, with a choice of note order — and also step mode, a 32-step sequencer for custom patterns.
  • Tools & Sharing Grain Science plays nicely with others, with Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI, background audio, AudioCopy/AudioPaste, Dropbox integration, sharing via Twitter or email, and more, for recorded performances, instruments, and "raw material" sound.


Grain Science contains some icons by Joseph Wain/