TextMate Macro

Converting Objective-C Function Prototypes

You know, I thought I’d mentioned TextMate before, but apparently not. TextMate is the text editor for Mac OS X as far as I am concerned, and has taken over IDE duties from … well, everything else, including XCode whenever I’m not actively tinkering with Core Data Models or something.

There are a bunch of reasons, and I’m not going to go off on a rant about TextMate’s awesomeness, but I will quickly draw attention to three features: mate <folder>, TextMate Dialogs and the scriptable (in the language of your choice) bundle system (documentation and screencast).

One thing I’ve been doing quite a bit recently is writing Python code that works with Apple’s Cocoa framework. This tends to require a lot of looking up Cocoa documentation and then translating Objective-C function prototypes into Python (because Cocoa’s API relies heavily on you implementing delegates and other callback-style methods that conform to their protocol).

Here’s my first stab at a TextMate macro to do this for you:


TextMate Macro — Convert Objective-C Prototypes to Python
#!/usr/local/bin/python -S from os import environ as env source = env['TM_SELECTED_TEXT'] if ':' in source: parts = source.split(':') result = [] vars = ['self'] first = True for part in parts: try: before, part = part.rsplit(' ',1) vars.append(before.rsplit(')',1)[1].strip()) result.append(part.strip()+'_') except: part = part.rsplit(')',1)[1] if first: result.append(part.strip()+'_') else: vars.append(part.strip()) first = False else: result.append(part.lsplit(')',1)[1].strip()) result = 'def %s(%s):\n' % ("".join(result), ", ".join(vars)) print result

To install it, open the TextMate Bundle Editor, find the Python section, and add a new Command. Give it a suitable name, and paste the code above into the “Command(s)” text area. The other settings I use are:

  • Save: Nothing
  • Input: Selected Text or Line
  • Output: Replace Selected Text

To test it, simply cut and paste a method prototype from the Cocoa documentation, eg:


Method Prototype
- (BOOL)control:(NSControl *)control textShouldBeginEditing:(NSText *)fieldEditor

Make sure this text is selected, activate your new macro, and you should get:


Method — after conversion:
def control_textShouldBeginEditing_(self, control, fieldEditor):

You’ll notice that it assumes you’re defining a method inside a class and need a self parameter. TextMate doesn’t seem to define a “scope” for Python classes that would allow me to add or omit this automatically (without parsing the document myself). It’d be nice to add other features to this as well; say, detecting Objective-C function calls and changing those into matching Python calls. But for now, this is still a nifty timesaver.