Mitosynth Beta

Progress Update

Mitosynth is currently in beta testing, and it’s going really well. The testing team has been fantastic: I think Mitosynth has already seen more hours of external testing than any of our previous apps, with lots of useful bug reports and feedback.

Pretty much everything is nailed down now, from the features to the manual. I want to add some more built-in patches, and let the testers hit it with sticks some more, to see if anything falls out. If something breaks, fix it, rinse and repeat — but I feel like it’s getting close to being submitted to Apple.

(Incidentally, good news for the future: Apple have announced that with iOS 8 — due out later this year — the limits on beta testing that I mentioned previously, will be raised so that instead of allowing access to 100 devices per year, for all apps, each app can have up to 1000 beta testers, and each tester can use any of their devices. Sounds like this will be a huge improvement!)

There’s also a bunch more information about the synth over on its page, as well as some new Mitosynth screenshots to check out.

Here’s some selections from the testers’ feedback:

This baby sounds incredible

Really loving its sound so far

This synth is a fantastic piece of work

I like it very much, very deep modulation options

The graphics are gorgeous

Love the visual effect on the XY pads!

The interface is superb and moves really smooth

The sound is great and the synth engines are easy to use and damn good

It’s already more stable than some music apps I use regularly

(2 famous desktop synths) are monsters but there are things in Mitosynth which they can’t do

You gave me an awesome tool for sound design. Congratulations ;)

I think they like it :)