Happy New Year '09

As you’ve probably heard, Apple are releasing an iPhone app called Keynote Remotefootnote 1, that does mostly the same things as our Wooji Presentation Remote. Since a few people have emailed us to ask: No, they didn’t license Presentation Remote, or contact us about it.

They appear to have mostly followed the same UI decisions we did — swipe to navigate, connect over Wi-Fi, display your slides and notes, with notes in portrait mode and slides in landscape mode, and so on. We’re flattered :)

I don’t believe they have a highlighter, or some of our other advanced features; but, since they have a marketing budget and we don’t, we expect sales will dry up pretty quickly all the same.

We prepared an update over Christmas with some new features, and we’re still going to release that as a thankyou to all our customers who’ve supported Presentation Remote since it’s launch. After that, though, it may be time for us to look to a new project…

It’s always remotelyfootnote 2 possible people will keep buying Presentation Remote for the extra features we offer (in which case we’ll keep updating) — but we’re not going to hold our breath!

1. As it happens, Keynote Remote (or simply Keymote) was actually the codename for Presentation Remote while we were developing it, but of course we would never have been able to use the name for trademark reasons.

2. Pun unintentional