Creating Airport Networks

Something we occasionally see people confused about is the need for Wi-Fi to use Presentation Remote, sometimes paired with “Wouldn’t it be better to use Bluetooth?”

Well, we don’t have the choice, since only Apple have access to Bluetooth on the iPhone — it’s Wi-Fi or nothing. But, you don’t need your venue to have a Wi-Fi network, to use Presentation Remote: your Mac almost certainly has a Wi-Fi access point built in. Any Mac with Airport, which includes all Apple laptops for a few years now, can create its own Wi-Fi network.

Even if your venue does have a Wi-Fi network in place already, this can still be useful sometimes, if the existing network blocks Presentation Remote due to overzealous security settings: just make your own!

I’ve been meaning to write up a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, with nice screenshots and everything, for a while now, but as luck would have it, Brian Peat over at has already taken care of it!