Meet The Team


Those of you who’ve been following along for a while already know me, but to our new visitors, hi! I’m Canis, and I’m the lead developer here at Wooji Juice. The other Alert! Safety Boom! team members will be introducing themselves soon, but I’ll quickly (re)introduce myself.

I’ve been programming since the early ‘80s, and I’ve worked in the commercial games industry since the 90s, including lengthy stints at Muckyfoot — where I worked on Urban Chaos, Startopia, and Blade II amongst other projects— and at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe where I contributed engineering to many projects including Playstation Home.

Somewhere along the line, I took time out for a few years to broaden my horizons and study design (graphic design, video and audio production, and “multimedia” design, as it was called at the time), and this was one of several factors that lead me to switch to the Mac back in around 2003.

I invested the time to learn the Mac OS X Cocoa API, so when the iPhone was announced, I knew I wanted to develop for it. With the release of the iPhone SDK, I took the plunge and started Wooji Juice as a business.

I’ve worked on a bunch of projects since, and right now, I’m heading up the programming for A!SB! — currently, I’m spending all my time on the online support (world-wide leaderboards, sending challenges to friends, that kind of thing).