Freshly Squozen Wooji Juice

Mitosynth 1.1: Coming Soon

Mitosynth 1.1 has been sent to Apple, and hopefully won’t take too long to hit the App Store. So what’s new? Quite a bit! The headliners for most people will likely be:

  • Inter-App Audio support
  • New Wavechamber modes: Painter and Gridcøre (see below)
  • Audiobus State Saving (stores which patch was in use)
  • Package creation
  • 20 more built-in patches, from freaky noises to synth basics
  • A bunch of extra scales (and you can transpose them into different keys)


The Min and the Max of Mitosynth

One of the things that makes Mitosynth super powerful is the way you can automate dials. Mitosynth’s automatable dials have a bunch of different modes, and almost all of them have Min and Max dials which set their range.

Probably the most common use is to set the amplitude of an LFO: if you put a dial into Sine mode, then set the Min to 0% and the Max to 50%, you’ll get a nice smooth sine wave oscillating between 0% and 50% just as you’d expect:


Mitosynth Beta: Progress Update

Mitosynth is currently in beta testing, and it’s going really well. The testing team has been fantastic: I think Mitosynth has already seen more hours of external testing than any of our previous apps, with lots of useful bug reports and feedback.

Pretty much everything is nailed down now, from the features to the manual. I want to add some more built-in patches, and let the testers hit it with sticks some more, to see if anything falls out. If something breaks, fix it, rinse and repeat — but I feel like it’s getting close to being submitted to Apple.


Mitosynth: Almost Ready for Beta

Wooji Juice’s new synth, Mitosynth, is almost ready for beta. It’s “feature complete”, and while there’s plenty to do yet — writing the manual, polishing the UI, adding patches to the library, that kind of thing — everything I want to see in v1.0 is done.

So, it’s time to put out a call for beta testers! If you’re interested in beta testing Mitosynth, there’s some things to bear in mind:


Announcing Mitosynth

It’s that time again, when another app is pushed out onto the stage, blinking under the lights: Mitosynth is the latest synthesiser app from Wooji Juice. It’s not yet in beta testing, and there’s plenty to do before it’s ready for people to get their hands on, but it’s already sounding pretty good!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s been a while since the website got a fresh design. I’ve been mostly announcing things on Twitter since way more people follow @wooji there, than follow the blog feed. But it’s time for spring cleaning, and posting things that require more than 140 characters!

Grain Science 1.4

Grain Science 1.4 has been released, and the headline feature is Audiobus support!

Some of you just read that, and are already heading to the App Store to update (and some of you will have already updated before reading this!), but some of you may be wondering: what’s this Audiobus business?

Audiobus is a new technology (and a new app) for iOS that allows you to link audio apps together. Just like you might take a real audio cable and connect (for example) a synth to a reverb unit, and the reverb unit to a recording device, you can now launch Audiobus, and connect Grain Science to other apps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


Whimsical In The Grain Pan

2012-11-02: The update, Grain Science 1.3.5, is now released; this should resolve the issues mentioned below. If you run into issues with Grain Science, and you’ve checked you’re running the latest version, please let us know and we’ll check into it for you.

So, iOS 6 was recently released, along with the iPhone 5, and we promptly issued updates for our apps where needed. With one exception: the app we didn’t immediately release an update for is Grain Science. This is because we ran into some last-minute issues and had to pull the update until we could address them.


Grain Science 1.3.2

So, version 1.3.2 of Grain Science is out, and it’s primarily a bug-fix update. I wanted to talk a bit more about this update and its implications.

You see, the main bug that’s addressed in this update, isn’t actually a bug in Grain Science at all — it’s a bug in iOS that we’ve uncovered. Unfortunately, it can cause data to be lost. This is a serious issue which we reported to Apple, who are taking steps to fix it in a future iOS update, and have also provided us with some assistance in working around the problem in the meantime.


Messing Around With A Mic

Recently, I posted a new Grain Science demo track to SoundCloud. It’s just a series of experiments, but quite a few people found it interesting because it demonstrates a side to Grain Science that maybe not everyone is aware of: the ability to bring to life the awesome synth instruments that are lurking in the everyday sounds all around you:

All the sounds you hear in this demo are created from four short recordings: a glass being struck, a coin being spun and dropped, a short whistling sample, and a tiny bit of beatboxing.