Ferrite Recording Studio

Professional audio recording & multi-track editing

Ferrite makes it fast and easy to record and edit audio on the move — while making powerful features like effects and automation available when you need them.

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Ferrite is the tool more and more podcasters and journalists reach for when they’re away from the studio.

Ferrite focuses on workflow, with features to speed you up and a clean UI designed to get out of your way.

It works just like a voice memo app: one tap and you’re recording. But there’s also a full editing suite to assemble your recordings — and imported clips — into polished final audio.

Radio journalism, podcasts, lecture recordings, audio presentations and more: all made easier with Ferrite Recording Studio tools such as bookmarking, automatic ducking, and silence removal. Enhance your audio with extras like dynamic compression or filtering. If you really want to get in and sweat the details, Ferrite has a powerful automation system, which can continuously adjust the sound of individual tracks or the final mix. Or let Ferrite save you time with Auto-Levelling.

When you’re done, you can add cover art, show notes or lyrics, and share your projects as standard audio files ready for uploading to your studio or podcast host. Send your finished work via popular messaging or file storage services such as email, iCloud or Dropbox — Ferrite supports iOS Sharing Extensions, to make the widest range of services available.

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