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  1. Where did Sync Speed go?
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Where did Sync Speed go?

If you used an earlier version of Sylo Synth, you may be wondering where the Sync Speed button went! We’ve removed the button, but the feature is still present: simply double-tap the Grain Speed control to toggle Sync Speed on or off.


  • The “microphone” button does not record your performance — it captures sound to use as the basis of a new instrument. To record performances, use the Record button in the toolbar.
  • If you experience “crackling” or “popping” when playing many notes at once, you may need to turn the Preamp control down. Listen to this example and as the first chord builds up, you can hear that it starts to crackle. After a pause, you’ll hear a second chord, with no crackling — the only difference is that the preamp has been turned down. You can then turn up the iPad’s hardware volume control (with the buttons on the side of the device) or connect it to an external amplifier. Update: Sylo Synth 1.1 adds an Automatic Gain Control option to manage this for you; you can enable/disable it in the app settings.

Technical note: Sylo Synthesiser uses a high-quality 32-bit floating-point signal path to create and process your audio. iPad hardware limitations require this to be converted to a lower-quality (16-bit integer) format before it can play, however. If your sound gets too loud to fit into 16 bits, it will be clipped (just like pegging the VU meters on a traditional amp), leading to distortion or crackling. Turning down the Preamp control is recommended to give you more headroom.