Synthesis without the spaghetti

A powerful hybrid synthesiser with a magical interface. You’re holding in your hands a miracle of touch-screen technology, why limit it to the switches and dials of decades-old hardware?

Download on the App Store

There’s a comprehensive manual included inside the app itself, but if you want to read it on another device, or print it out, you can download the manual for Mitosynth here. Or, if you prefer to watch videos, we have some online already, and more planned for the future:

Quick Tour

A quick tour of the app, showing you where to find everything. Recorded on iPad, but almost everything is in the same place on iPhone (the end of the video shows the difference):

Saving Patches

How Mitosynth remembers your settings and how you save them to new patches:


How to make settings vary over time (AKA LFOs, envelopes and noise), bringing motion to a patch:


Care and feeding of the Prefilter: