Ferrite Recording Studio

Professional audio recording & multi-track editing

Ferrite makes it fast and easy to record and edit audio on the move — while making powerful features like effects and automation available when you need them.

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Open Ferrite Recording Studio, and with just one tap you’re recording. It supports long recordings — many hours, if you like — without breaking a sweatfootnote 1.

Recording a long interview and you need to highlight a few quotes? Maybe you need to take out some inappropriate language? Or just fluffed a sentence and had to start it again? Bookmark moments during your recording and they’ll be flagged up during edits, so you can jump right to them.

Monitor levels with the live recording meters, or listen through headphones. Tag your audio clips to locate them quickly later.


Take one clip, or a bunch, and add them to an editing project. Ferrite features full multi-track editing, with the ability to zoom out to see hours of audio at a glance, or zoom in all the way down to individual samples.

Adjust each track’s volume and panning, and mute or solo them. Tracks are where you arrange your audio clips, which you can move, crop, uncrop, slice, merge, delete, cut, copy and paste. Fade them in or out, and crossfade between clips simply by overlapping them.

And best of all, you don’t need to fear trying out changes: Ferrite has great Undo/Redo support. Even if you quit the app, come back a month later, start it up again, you can still undo all the way back to the moment you created your project!

You can even open the History viewer, skim through a timeline of your changes, and listen to how your project sounded an hour ago, or last week.

Please note: the free version of Ferrite limits the duration of editing projects. Upgrade Ferrite, and you can edit projects 24 hours long!

Coming & Going

There are lots of ways of getting audio in and out of Ferrite. Drop an audio file in via iTunes App File Sharing and it instantly appears in your library. “Open In…” Ferrite from other apps, or import from your Music Libraryfootnote 2. If you have AudioShare, Dropbox, or other apps installed that offer sharing services, you can browse them for audio as well.

You can share your individual recordings, or finished, edited projects too. Send via email, share on compatible social networks, save to services like AudioShare or Dropbox, or open in other apps on your device.

Advanced Editing Features

Need more? Ferrite also includes:

  • Automatic ducking: Set tracks to automatically “duck under” others (e.g. ducking music behind voice-overs)
  • Strip Silence: Automatically carves away silent sections from recordings, making it easy to edit the remaining audio

With a one-time in-app purchase, you can add:

  • Per-track effects: Add a variety of professional effects to your tracks, such as noise gating and dynamic range compression, for projects that sound clean and engaging
  • Automation: Set volume, panning and effects settings to vary over time, both on individual tracks and for the final mix
  • Live automation recording: adjust automated parameters during playback, and your changes are recorded into the timeline
  • Automation curve editing: Create precisely-controlled changes over time. Fine tune a curve you’ve recorded or design one from scratch to be just the way you want it.
  • More flexibility when sharing projects: Share in lossless formats like WAV or CAF (as well as the default MPEG Audio), or as movie files to your Camera Roll
  • “Mid/Side” decoding, Mono/Stereo conversion & splitting
  • Assign colour-codes to your tags
  • Archive projects — along with all the audio they use — to .zip files, for ease of making backups, freeing up space or moving projects between devices

Bonus features on iOS 9 or later:

  • Find your recordings and projects by searching direct from your Home Screen, with Ferrite’s Spotlight support
  • Slide Over and Split View support: On compatible devices you can run Ferrite side-by-side with other apps. Flip through the User Guide while you learn your way around, or keep a script or show notes open while you record, amongst many other uses.
  • 3D Touch support on compatible devices (currently iPhone 6s and 6s Plus): use 3D Touch for access to shortcuts inside the app, as well as pressure-sensitive editing on audio clips and volume/panning/effects dials.

Other Stuff

  • Extensive Accessibility support
  • Many keyboard shortcuts and editing commands, if that’s how you roll
  • Available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

1. Don’t you hate when someone makes a grandiose claim, then puts a footnote disclaimer on it? But look, here’s the deal: Ferrite itself can just keep on recording forever, but your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will run out of space eventually, and then it has to stop. To get the most out of it, Ferrite compresses your recordings. You can choose lossless compression, which gives perfect reproduction but larger files, or lossy compression, which offers smaller files while still keeping the quality great. If you are making very long recordings, be aware that some sharing services may have limits on how much audio you can send to them.

2. Copy-protected, “Cloud” or subscription streaming music can’t be imported from your Music Library due to iOS limitations. Ensure your music is DRM-free and downloaded to your device first, or use a different method of transferring audio, such as Dropbox or AudioShare.