Omelette is a simple and fun puzzle game for the Apple TV, in which you match up colourful eggs in lines of three or more.

Note: Omelette is for Apple TV 1.0 only! We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Omelette requires a modified Apple TV in order to be installed. This can be a complex procedure and, done incorrectly, could damage your Apple TV, may invalidate your warranty, and is not supported by Apple, nor by Wooji Juice.

You probably shouldn't bother downloading Omelette unless you have already successfully modified your Apple TV. If you have not, and want to, there is information at the AwkwardTV Wiki, but remember, you perform this operation solely at your own risk.

To contact Wooji Juice about Omelette, please use the address "omelette", at We'd make that a direct link, but you know how spam is these days.