Updates, Presentation Remote 1.4.1

It’s been quiet here on the blog for a while — we’ve been busy doing R&D, and haven’t had much to say. A quick announcement, then:

Over the weekend, Presentation Remote 1.4.1 was released on the App Store. This is a small update, it fixes a couple of bugs, and also allows you to disable screen-locking automatically during a presentation, so you don’t go to change slides and find your iPhone/iPod has gone to sleep on you.

We also recommend updating your iPhone/iPod Touch to OS 2.1, if you haven’t already — we’ve found it to be a definite improvement over OS 2.0. In particular, if you still have OS 2.0, you may run into problems upgrading applications.

And a bonus tip:

Something a few people have asked about, is a ‘rotation lock’ to prevent the iPhone/iPod from switching to Slide View when you tilt it. A lot of people like the way it changes mode based on the accelerometer, but others like to gesture with both hands while presenting, which can lead to Presentation Remote changing mode as the device is whirled through space!

Well, a toolbar with a rotation lock button is on the to-do list, but then again, so are lots of things and we have plenty to keep us busy. So, a tip I’ve mentioned to a few people, who have asked about this by email, is that Presentation Remote won’t change modes while you’re touching the screen. This is important so that it doesn’t switch out the controls from under you when you’re using it. As well as that, though, depending on how you hold and use your iPhone/iPod, you may also find it useful to lock Presentation Remote into the current mode.