Presentation Remote Update


The latest version of Presentation Remote has been released; as usual, you can update for free using the App Store.

If you use audio in your presentations, you can now change the loudness from Presentation Remote with a popup volume slider. And where the presentation browser used to show an image of your Macintosh, it now shows a thumbnail of the presentation itself, with a larger preview shown when you tap through to the Info screen.

We’ve also completely redesigned the Settings. You know, version 1.0 of Presentation Remote didn’t even have settings? They grew over time, and while each small change made sense, it started to get intimidating for new users, so it was time to take a fresh look at it.

The main change is that we’ve gathered up all the settings that affect Notes View, and all those for Slide View, and put them on their own screens. It makes much more sense this way, reducing the clutter, and making it clear where each setting applies.

If you use the toolbar, you can now add or remove buttons from it, to set it up just how you want — whether you want all the features available at a touch, or whether you want to hide away the stuff you rarely use.

Oh, and one last thing: we’ve also put a Technical Support section right into the app itself, with built-in help and troubleshooting guides, as well as links to our website that open in Safari. Hope you find it useful, and if there are any important tips you think we’ve left out, just let us know!