Presentation Manager 1.5.0

Presentation Manager is the helper application that Presentation Remote uses to communicate with Keynote. We just updated it — being a regular Mac app, we don’t need Apple’s approval to do that — and I wanted to show you the improvement we made to the image quality.

Check out these before/after shots (taken on the iPhone itself to show you the end result) to see how small text is now easier to read:

Image Quality – Before

Image Quality – After

(Click to view full-size)

I’ve magnified part of the image so you can see the difference more easily; the improvement is particularly noticable on the “&”.

This is available in Presentation Manager 1.5.0 — simply use the Check for Updates menu option in Presentation Manager (if you don’t have updates set to check automatically) to receive it. It’ll also mean you’re prepared for the next Presentation Remote update, which should be coming soon.