New Project and Presenter View

It’s been a grey week so far here in London, but today the sun has come out. Coincidentally, it’s also sunny inside at Wooji Juice, as we’ve finished our latest project! Currently in beta test, but keep an eye out for more information coming soon…

We also have a new update for Presentation Remote ready for testingfootnote 1, bringing a mixture of features and fixes. Amongst the new stuff will be a countdown timer (with vibration alert on devices that support it) and the option to show Keynote’s Presenter Display instead of the current slide.

This does come with a few restrictions however (which is why we didn’t put it in from the start):

  • Not all Macintosh computers support Presenter Display, and obviously this feature only works on Macs that do!
  • With the default Presenter Display in Keynote, the slides will likely be too small to see clearly on your iPhone/iPod Touch. We recommend customising your Presenter Display in Keynote, removing some items and resizing just the things you really need, to get the most out of your screen space.
  • Presentation Remote doesn’t know what you have, and haven’t, put on your Presenter Display — it just displays it faithfully. So, if you use the highlighter, the whole iPhone screen represents the whole slide, just like in regular Slide View mode. This picture might help explain (click to zoom):

Presentation Remote highlighter in Presentation View

  • The Presenter Display is only updated on your iPhone when you change slides or step through builds, so the Presenter Display timers won’t be accurate.

If these limitations are acceptable to you, you’ll be able to flip a switch in the Settings to enable it once the next update is released. Otherwise, you can cheerfully continue using Slide View mode just as it is now.

1. Now released! More info here.