Monday News

Sylo Synth & Hokusai Video

A couple of quick items to start your week. We mentioned when we relaunched the website that there was plenty of news coming!

First of all, Sylo Synth has been updated to version 1.1.4, with Core MIDI support now included. This means you can now play music through Sylo Synth from another device — either a compatible USB-MIDI keyboard plugged in via the Camera Connection Kit, or by using Apple Network MIDI over Wi-Fi from a Mac.

Second, we’ve uploaded a video preview of Hokusai. It shows a field recording of a squeaky step-ladder being turned into a sound effect for a videogame, using a mixture of editing tools: copy & paste, “hands-on editing” (where you can “lift” a piece of audio off the track and slide it into position), and various filters and FX.