June Already?

Time’s been a-passing, what’s been going on at the Wooji Juice Underground Command Bunker?

Well, we’ve been working on lots of stuff behind the scenes. I guess I should tell you about some of it…

First up, we were asked to contribute to a book on iPhone development, so I wrote up a chapter on handling multitouch gestures, based on our experience of developing Presentation Remote. It’s not (quite) released yet, but it’s due out this month from the usual places.

What else? Well, from time to time, we get enquiries about doing iPhone contract work for other companies. Now, we normally prefer to focus on our own products, either refining what we’ve already released or starting up new projects. Occasionally, though, we will take on some contract work — one such example was when Harvey Smith got in touch about an iPhone project he was starting up.

That project ultimately became KarmaStar, which you can find on the App Store. I should point out, this project was bigger than just Wooji Juice — we lead the engineering effort, but the art, design, AI, music and sound effects, testing, localisation and more were done by people from a bunch of other companies.

Finally, we also have two new projects under way — and hope to bring you more news on these soon!