Hi! My name is Matthew, though most of my friends call me Canis, and I’m your host here at Wooji Juice. I’m a programmer, have been since the early 80s, but also have several years of design training. A sizeable chunk of my work has been in the videogame industry. I’ve also written web apps, traditional GUI applications for Windows and Mac, plugins for Eclipse, and a JVM from scratch. And lots more besides, but that’s the stuff from the last year or two.

This has involved writing in Python, C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, and APIs or frameworks like SWT, Cocoa, VCL, TurboGears, OpenGL and DirectX, and any of those are likely to get brought up at some point.

This is an eclectic mix. You have been warned. :) Articles are tagged, though, so you can just follow the bits that are relevant. Or at least, that you think are relevant right now. :)