Hokusai updated


A new Hokusai update, v1.0.3, is now rolling out across the App Store. We have a bunch of new stuff to tell you about!

One feature we’ve already mentioned is the new Time Bar. Only available to paying customers, it adds an overview of where you are in your project, using a scrollbar-style indicator and a gracefully-zooming ruler. You can enable it from the View panel (iPad) or Project Actions menu (iPhone). But you knew that was coming already, so what else have we added?

  • A new sharing feature: Since the start, Hokusai has had ability to upload an exported project to a private Dropbox folder. You can now choose to upload to your Dropbox Public Folder instead, and share the address, either by email, or by placing the address on the pasteboard so you can paste it into Twitter or Facebook or however else you want to share it.
  • New features in the recording panel: You can choose to monitor the existing sound from your project (say, to play or sing along with the existing audio), or monitor the recording live. Either way, we strongly recommend using this with headphones — unless you want strange feedback effects…
  • A looped-playback option. Also for paying customers only, when enabled, this repeats playback of the project, or the selection, endlessly. It lurks in the Side Bar of the Time Bar.
  • Another looping feature is the new Loop filter, added to the Pro Pack. This simply repeats the current selection, up to 32 times — you can also enable a pitch shift on each repeat, for some interesting effects.

And as ever, there are small fixes and performance optimisations (scrolling should be faster and smoother, and the iPad “My Documents” screen should display faster even when you have a lot of projects).