Hokusai's Time Bar

With Hokusai 1.0.2 out, what’s next? Well, we have a number of features in development, but we’d like to show you one upcoming feature now, the Time Bar.

The Time Bar is like an extra toolbar (and optional — we like to keep Hokusai clutter-free where possible) that features:

  • A time line/”ruler” which marks off the progress of time through your project,
  • A scroll bar-style indicator to show whereabouts in your project you’ve zoomed to. If you’ve zoomed out to show the whole project, it smoothly fades away.

We’re particularly pleased with the graceful way the time line adjusts its scale as you zoom in. Like a conventional ruler, it has “major” and “minor” markings, where the major lines are full-height and have labels, and the minor lines are shorter and not labeled.

As you zoom in, the minor markings grow to full height and fade in their labels, becoming the new major markings; a replacement set of minor markings fade in between them: