Welcome Back!

Ten years ago today, the App Store opened for the first time.

Ten years ago today, Wooji Juice began selling its first iOS app in the App Store.

In the following months, there would be something of a “gold rush” as people piled in to try and capitalise on the success of the iPhone, but Wooji Juice was there on day one.

I’d quit my job a month or two earlier. When the iPhone was announced, I believed that if Apple did what they said they were going to, then it would be a breakthrough product that upended the technology world. But the software was the missing piece of the puzzle.

So when the iPhone OS (as it was known then) SDK became available, I handed in my notice. A couple of weeks later I left, downloaded the SDK, and turned Wooji Juice (my personal blog of occasional ramblings about tech and stuff) into Wooji Juice (my iOS app business). And ten years and a dozen or so apps later, here we are.

To celebrate the decade anniversary, I’m re-releasing one of my first ever apps from way back in 2008: Hexterity. It’s a complete rewrite — a “digital remaster” if you like — that supports all the fancy new technologies that weren’t around back then, like retina screens, haptic feedback, and so on.

And I’m giving it away for free. If you like it, there’s a tip jar built into the app (entirely optional), or check out some of our other apps.

Here’s to the next ten years!