Hexterity 1.0.1

Just a quick note: A small update to Hexterity was released today. The main change is that you can now enable “tap to rotate”, where simply tapping a tile rotates it one ‘notch’ clockwise, as many people have asked for this.

To be honest, we still find it a bit perplexing — in beta testing we experimented with several control schemes and found the default (turning tiles with your finger, like a record turntable or an old-fashioned telephone) to work best. If you accidentally overshoot with tap-to-rotate, you have to tap 5 times to go back the other way.

But, lots of people wanted tap-to-rotate, and it was quick and easy to add, and as you’ll know if you’re a Presentation Remote user, Wooji Juice listens to its customers — so we’ve put it in. It actually combines with the default control scheme, so if you do overshoot, you can still use the ‘turntable’ control so put it back. (And maybe even get to like it, once you get used to it… :) )