Grain Science 1.1

Grain Science has been out for a month, and our first update has just been released. Version 1.1 brings quite a lot of new stuff!

The most exciting is probably the virtual MIDI/background audio support. This allows you to launch another app while Grain Science continues to play music in the background, either to combine their output, or because you want to use the other app as a controller. It’s pretty neat tapping, say, the controls in Polychord and hearing Grain Science’s distinctive sounds in response.

(Note that normally, iOS suspends apps when not in use, so as to conserve your iPad’s battery. This is a good thing! So, you need to turn Background Audio on when you want to use it — via the switch in the settings — and you should turn it back off when you’re done, to conserve battery life.)

There are a couple of new FX units, a new grain mode, a bunch of new instruments and various other improvements, bugfixes and more. Here’s the full list:

  • New: Background audio support (enable in settings)
  • New: Virtual MIDI — control Grain Science from other apps on your iPad
  • New: Flanger FX Unit
  • New: Pulse Width FX Unit
  • New: Single Shot grain mode — like Linear, but halts at the end of the sample instead of looping
  • New: UI improvement — Jump quickly to any panel without having to scroll one-by-one
  • New: UI improvement — Grain Mode, Blend Mode, Reverb Mode and AGC buttons can now be dragged up/down to quickly change modes without popping open a separate panel
  • New: 5 additional built-in instruments
  • Improved: Faster switching between instruments
  • Improved: Cleaner transitions when switching instruments
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage
  • Fix: Parameters in the control mapping panel now show “FX switched off” when the FX Unit they apply to hasn’t been activated in the FX chain.
  • Fix: Issue transferring control map minimum/maximum/auto reset values to new instruments
  • Fix: Issue where Bounce grain mode would, in rare circumstances, loop instead
  • Fix: Compatibility issue importing certain audio files
  • Fix: Various other minor issues

You can see some of this stuff in action here: