Ferrite Recording Studio

Out Now

Wooji Juice’s new audio recording and editing app, Ferrite Recording Studio, is now available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

Ferrite is aimed at journalists, podcasters, lecturers and public speakers, voice-over artists, audiobook producers, and anyone else who needs to record and edit speech on the move.

(Musicians: I haven’t forgotten you! It’s just that I received so much email from non-musicians who really needed something more powerful than the built-in voice recorder, but which didn’t get in their way by doing things like insisting on setting a tempo, creating a project before they can record, limiting recordings to typical pop-song length, or other typical aspects of music packages, that I decided to make something for them!)

You can learn more about Ferrite Recording Studio right here, or you can check out the YouTube playlist of previews and tutorials to see it in action — and learn some tips. There’s a handful up right now, with more to come soon!