Meet The Team


Hello Mr. Internets (or is that Ms. Internets? Does anyone actually know? Is there an internet gender debate forum out there? I suppose if there was then it’d probably be populated entirely by virulent feminists so I guess I know what the answer would be… hmm, I seem to have written my longest aside ever — oops!). To continue the developer blog I thought I’d write a little about myself. My name is Patrick Nasralla although I sometimes go by GomiNoSensei in a misguided attempt to stop people asking for me to spell my second name (yes, I do see the irony there…) and I’m responsible for the sound design and music in the wonderful A!SB!

Being the youngin’ on the team my professional history is a bit shorter than the others, but I’ll hurry through it anyway. After a brief stint as the world’s first talking mime artist, I realised that the world was not quite ready for the sort of paradigm shift to the form that I was suggesting, and it was thus that I decided to enter academia where I studied Neuroscience at University College London.

It was during this time that I joined and became president of the juggling society — Balls! Through this, I was able to compose and engineer the sound for a number of successful productions, bring my dream of combining mime and music together, and also meet the great Canis himself. After completing my degree and a MSc in Psychoacoustics (don’t ask) I decided that the creative arts were the way forward and worked as a designer and freelance as a composer and engineer.

During that time I was lucky enough to record sound and compose for a number of short films and theatre shows, and work as the live engineer on Marcus Brigstocke’s DVD and record sessions for the HBO show Soundcheck at Momo’s. Since then I have taken the plunge into autonomy and started Smileyoureyesoff Ltd — a small company specialising in immersive websites and large scale installations and exhibitions (you can find out more about what we do at — heh, shameless plug…). Through SYEO we have worked on a number of innovative methods for creating immersive sound systems on the web, produced a sound installation at the London Royal Festival Hall and are currently doing funky things with stands at exhibitions across Europe.

A!SB! will be my second outing with Wooji Juice, the first being the annoyingly fun Soundroid Rampage we did earlier this year. I can only say that I hope things go from strength to strength!

Word. P