Announcing Soundroid Rampage

A while ago, I mentioned we’d spent some time working on a big contract. When this was finished, we already had a new, big project of our own lined up, but I for one needed a short break before plunging into it.

So, I did two things: I took a short break in the Alps, and when I got back to work, I worked on a fun little toy. It’s taken a while to get it ready to release because we had a bunch of other things to worry about, but we finally get to release it to you today.

That toy is Soundroid Rampage. It’s kinda goofy, but everyone we’ve shown it to loves it. That might just be the kinds of people we know, but hopefully you will too :)

And do check out the video — it was a new thing for us, to go out and film like that, but we had fun doing it — and my thanks to everyone that helped out.